Hot or Not’s Co-Founders: Where Will They Be Now?

Jim younger and James Hong are alive, well, rich and dabbling in brand new news.

June 2, 2014 — Before there was Facebook, or YouTube, Twitter or Tinder, there was clearly HOTorNOT, the internet site where (into the terms of co-founder James Hong), “People uploaded their image for other people to rate for a scale of just one to 10 predicated on hotness.”

To a generation of guys and gals in university dorms, this is an innovation for a par with fire together with wheel: Hours upon hours could possibly be squandered, gladly, rating the hotness of other pupils, faculty, superstars and European royalty.

«My spouse recalls posting her image to HOTorNOT her freshman in college, years before we met,» Jim Young, HOTorNOT’s other founder, told ABC News recently year. «She recalls her dorm mates thinking it had been hilarious and shocking. Читать далее